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Dental Prosthodontics West Ridge

Are you suffering from gaps in your smile due to missing teeth? Do you often find yourself hesitating to smile for others due to extensive dental loss in your mouth? Teeth which have become lost due to disease, injury, or decay are more than just a cosmetic hindrance in your life, but in fact present a serious health problem that can cause damage to the remaining teeth, gum lines, and even the bone of your jaws. Fortunately, you can always find the level of care you need in a manner that is gentle on both your mouth and your wallet thanks to the full and partial dentures crafted by your local West Ridge dentist at the state of the art practice of the Family Care Dental Group.

Dentures West Ridge

Dentures West Ridge

If you are only missing a few teeth from your smile, partial dentures can be the perfect way to restore your smile without breaking the budget. Partial dentures can be made to perfectly match the look of your teeth in both fixed and removable styles. A fixed partial denture, also known as a bridge, begins with a custom made prosthodontic to match the look of the exact teeth you have lost. This partial denture is then secured into place by your trusted West Ridge dentist by bonding it to your adjacent teeth. Partial dentures can be made into a removable style through a series of metal clips, and are available in both firm and flexible styles for comfort and ease of use.

For those who have suffered a great deal of dental loss, full prosthodontics can be the perfect way to restore your beautiful smile without the need for invasive care that is so often required of dental implants. Today’s full prosthodontics can be made in both hard and soft styles, and are crafted from digital images of your jaws by your professional West Ridge dentist to insure a perfect fit for healthy chewing and proper speech. Firm style prosthodontics are crafted from beautiful dental porcelain in order to perfectly mimic the shade of your natural smile, all while working to resist stains so patients can continue to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks without having to worry about their new dental work.

No matter what level of dental loss you are suffering from, you can find the care you need at a price you can afford with partial or full dentures from your neighborhood West Ridge dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Family Care Dental Group carry a wide selection of prosthodontics made from state of the art instruments to insure a perfect fit every time. With dentures from the Family Care Dental Group you can enjoy a beautiful smile once more.

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