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The phrase ‘root canal’ may scare a lot of people, but our dedicated staff here at Family Care Dental Group is here to put you and your family at ease. Root canals may be notorious for being painful or unpleasant, but they are necessary procedures that help salvage your natural teeth, remove infection, prevent the spread of further infection, and restores your overall dental and oral health. Plus, our West Ridge general dentists, Dr. Mark and Dr. Elia, are here to make sure that you are completely comfortable during your virtually pain-free root canal therapy.

Root Canal Infection West Ridge

Root Canal Infection West Ridge

While the procedure sounds nerve wracking, the presence of an actual root canal actually is, literally. Root canal therapy is needed when the root of the tooth becomes infected. This can be due to a cavity or inflammation, but in either case, requires the entire removal of the tooth’s root. Not only does this infection cause a significant amount of pain, but if left untreated it can affect your gums, jawbone and surrounding teeth. Regular dental visits can help your West Ridge general dentists detect the presence of any tooth decay before it gets serious. But sometimes root canals are still necessary, regardless of what dental hygiene methods you undertake, and should be addressed at the first signs of symptoms. Some symptoms may include severe toothache and headache, as well as prolonged sensitivity to hot and/or food and drink. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then schedule an appointment here at Family Care Dental Group with either Dr. Mark or Dr. Elia as soon as possible. The sooner an infection is treated, the more likely the therapy will be successful and will successfully salvage the tooth.

During a root canal procedure, the inflamed pulp is removed as well as any infected surrounding tissue. Once this is done, the cavity left in the tooth is cleaned and rid of any inflamed tissue. The hole at the root of the tooth is then sealed to prevent further infection of the tooth and gums. A local anesthetic is applied, and other methods are available for patients who desire it. You never have to fear here at Family Care Dental Group. Our staff is committed to making sure that you and your family is comfortable during any procedure. Not only that, but our West Ridge general dentists are here to make sure that you get the dental care you need and deserve.

Root Canal Therapy West Ridge
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