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Dental Implants West Ridge

On their own, dental implants make for the most technologically advanced and popular dental restoration available today, but they are also highly useful when it comes to enhancing other types of dental restorations such dentures. At Family Care Dental Group, you can receive the advantages that dental implants offer in supporting the placement of dentures, making them stronger and reducing or even eliminating the drawbacks that they ordinarily have. Our West Ridge implant dentist is pleased to offer you dental implant supported dentures, giving you the convenience and benefits of dentures with an even greater upside made possible through dental implants.

West Ridge Chicago Dental Implant Restorations

West Ridge Chicago Dental Implant Restorations

First though, dental implants used as a restoration itself are tremendously effective. Your implant is placed in the jaw bone and eventually fuses to it. This creates a very strong bond. A crown is then placed onto the implant. Tooth colored, it will both look and feel very much like your natural teeth do. You can speak and eat normally because unlike with other types of restorations, there is no worry about sliding or movement of the implant. It is durable and able to stand up to the everyday work that your natural teeth do. In order to get started on dental implant supported crowns, you only need arrange a consultation with our West Ridge implant dentist. Most people are good candidates for the procedure. As long as your gums are reasonably healthy and your jaw bone is strong enough to support the implant, you will most likely qualify. There are some other concerns such as diabetes or personal habits like smoking that can have a negative affect on your ability to get a dental implant supported crown. These possible complications will be discussed as part of your consult.

Dentures have been around for a long time and the reason is because they work. A full set of dentures is a quick and efficient method for replacing all of the teeth along the upper or lower jaw when because of advanced tooth decay, severe gum disease, or a traumatic injury, your natural teeth are no longer viable. But because they are held in with adhesive, they can slide when you’re trying to speak or eat, leading to frustration and even embarrassment. With dental implant supported dentures, though, our West Ridge implant dentist¬†will place them throughout the jaw that will be getting the dentures, which will then by attached to the implants, snapping securely into place. The result is dentures that fit and that give you much greater confidence.

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