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When was the last time you paid a visit to your local Lincoln Chicago dentist? Believe it or not, regular check-ups with an oral health care center are essential to overall health care, and may be more helpful than you think. Smiles need more than simple at-home care to grow healthy and strong, and by avoiding your appointments you can actually cause untold damage to your teeth. Regular visits to the dentist may sound like a chore, but these appointments when maintained on a proper basis actually work to save you both money and time alike. The first step to a healthy smile begins with a comprehensive oral examination at the welcoming offices of the Family Care Dental Group.

Cosmetic Dentist West Ridge

Cosmetic Dentist West Ridge

Regular oral examinations and cleanings are vital to patients of all ages. As young as three years of age your son or daughter should be seen for their very first oral health exam. These appointments throughout their young lives work to insure teeth grow into proper placement, as well as preventive care such as fluoride rinses and dental sealants that can stop cavities from ever forming. Only a dentist can provide the proper instruction patients need in order to care for their unique oral health needs, as well as working to remove harmful deposits that occur on the surface of your teeth. Tartar or calculus is a substance which can begin to form just twenty minutes after snacks and meals, and works to spread gum diseases and tooth decay unless properly removed. However, no amount of at-home care can remove calculus from teeth and gum lines. No matter how advanced your electronic tooth brush may be, this substance will continue to grow and cause harm unless properly cared for by a professional hygienist at your trusted Lincoln Chicago dentist. It is only through these regular cleanings and visits to your dentist that smiles can achieve truly effective dental prophylaxis, or the process of preventing oral health problems from occur through use of professional care and procedure. By maintaining regular comprehensive examinations and thorough cleanings at least every six months, patients can work to save time and money from problems such as cavities or gingivitis which would otherwise require additional care to treat.

For the very best in oral health care in your area, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Lincoln Chicago dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the Family Care Dental Group proudly serve your local community with the latest advancements in dental technology and procedure from ZOOM whitening to dental implants and the very latest in gentle and effective oral cleaning. With regular visits to the Family Care Dental Group, you can stop oral health problems from happening to you.

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