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Restorative Dental Care in Rogers IL

Our commitment to your optimal dental health doesn’t stop simply with dental exams and procedures that become necessary when a problem arises. Our Rogers Park dentist can help you with prevention of tooth decay with dental sealants and restorative dental care addresses the augmentation of weakened teeth as well as the replacement of teeth that have been lost to tooth decay or infection.

The best way to treat tooth decay is to keep it from ever happening. Tooth decay eats away at your precious tooth enamel, forming cavities and sometimes resulting in the need for root canal therapy or even the removal of a tooth. Dental sealants are a useful tool in the fight against tooth decay. Thin coating made of plastic, a dental sealant is painted onto the teeth that do the chewing, which is typically the back teeth. The sealant bonds in the depressions and grooves of your teeth, forming a barrier across the enamel. This makes it more difficult for plaque to penetrate and lead to tooth decay. Even if you already have impeccable oral hygiene habits, you can still benefit from dental sealants applied by our Rogers Park dentist. The sealant goes to the parts of your teeth that are difficult to reach with your brushing and flossing. It’s an additional layer of protection that acts to protect your teeth from erosion.

If, however, tooth decay does leave your tooth in less than optimal shape, a tooth-colored porcelain crown can be placed on top to strengthen it. Because porcelain matches the color of your teeth very well, it’s also a cosmetically satisfying solution. And if you have a missing tooth or one needs to be extracted, you won’t have to deal with an unsightly empty space where it used to be. A dental implant or bridge will give you a restoration that replaces that natural tooth. Implants in particular have many benefits. They look and feel like a natural tooth, require no effect on your other teeth nor any messy adhesives, and they give you the confidence to eat and speak without fear of the restoration moving around. Our Rogers Park dentist is pleased to offer these excellent solutions to dental challenges.

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